Interactive Meeting is designed and developed in Sweden. The first version all the way back in 1998! The idea is to increase the quality and meaning of meetings by giving all participants the same chance to be active and equally valued.

We see Interactive Meeting as a way for groups to act as if they were fully developed as well-functioning team even though they may be completely new to each other.

Interactive Meeting can basically be used in any meeting from two up to some thousand participants. Sometimes with many different items on the agenda. Sometimes just one quick discussion or mentometer.

Interactive Meeting is frequently used as a support to the verbal interaction, helping the participants to form a smarter group that is more transparent, more obejctive, more involving and getting better and more ideas. Interactive Meeting also supports priority in different ways. It can also be used as a tool for virtual discussions with participants separated in time or space.

The moderator/administrator can set-up and prepare the meeting in advance. Changes or additions can easily be made at any time. Participants can only access the agenda-items activated by the moderator.

All activity is kept and available in a report.
You can get access to Interactive Meeting as a one-time license or as an unlimited service for yourself or your organisation using a corporate license. With a corporate license it is possible to share meeting designs with colleagues.

Instruction video on how to use the system below.

Phone: +46 (0)70 817 18 01

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